dimanche 7 octobre 2007

Reverse Culture Shock- part 1

After spending a few years in Japan and having lived in a completely different culture from my Western one, I had to change myself and become someone else so that I would have an easier everyday life.
In the end, you don’t know who you are anymore: you are not the same person as the one in your own country. This is when the reverse culture shock takes shape, while you are back in our own country. You have a new perspective on your own country, on your own education, on your own culture. You see yourself with a fresh eye. And you realise that you are now someone who is shocked by or is surprised by:
In every day’s life with :
• Not being a “gaijin” anymore (= “a foreigner” in informal Japanese)
• Kissing on the cheeks and having physical contact
• Seeing so much variety in the population
• Undergoing people’s agressivity
• People’s spontaneity
• Not having to bow in formal situations
• Undergoing the incompetence of the administration
• Having no (good) service in public places
• Having to cope with the number of strikes
• Going on with the chronic delays of French people when meeting
• Not having to make any speech at the beginning of a party and being able to start the drinks and food right away
(more to come later)

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