vendredi 26 septembre 2008

弁当2 Bento 2


   This picture is a lunch box - bento prepared by my husband (for me). Very simple but good. The triangle ONIGIRI -rice ball- is his forte. And that's the only thing he taught me for bento. Besides, I taught my cousin those, too. She can definitely make some too, but only round ones and I can't! How funny is that!
I think ONIGIRI is the most popular item at any age, for bento. As my 4 years old daughter, just asked me some for her next preschool excursion. She wants 3 of them ... Amazing how people who don't much rice usually, can eat much more when it is prepared like that!

La photo ci-dessus représente un bento 'casse-croûte' fait par mon mari (pour moi). Très simple, mais excellent. Les ONIGIRI 'boule de riz' en triangle sont sa spécialité, c'est d'ailleurs la seule chose qu'il ait pu m'apprendre pour faire les bentos. J'ai essayé de l'apprendre à une de mes cousines, elle les fait d'ailleurs très bien, mais elle trouve que les ronds sont plus faciles... Moi, je n'y arrive pas!
Je pense que les ONIGIRI sont les composants du casse-croûte les plus appréciés ici. D'ailleurs ma fille de 4 ans, vient juste de m'en demander 3 pour sa prochaine sortie scolaire. C'est vraiment marrant de voir que même les personnes qui ne mangent pas beaucoup de riz en général, sont capables de manger beaucoup plus quand le riz est préparé de cette façon.

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Sal a dit…

Your bento looks very simple and good. I can tell you are not as big an eater as I am! (ha)

When my son was in jr. hi and high school, I made him a bento every day. I took photos occasionally of them and kept notes, so I would have some lasting record of the love that had been poured into his bento bako day after day.

I agree with your comment about how much rice can be consumed happily eating onigiri, when one is NOT that excited to eat rice from a bowl at dinnertime! It's very funny and TRUE!

Marie Carré a dit…

Actually, I'm quite of a big eater, but I guess when I work, I feel anxious about my teaching or performance at work. So, I'm too nervous to eat.