jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Bread! Le pain! パン!

How many times did I dream of a hot, crusty and delicious baguette while I was living abroad? My mouth was almost watering from desire of eating it. In Asia, they eat rice all the time but France is the country of bread. When I came back to France, at long last, I could get to a bakery, buy a bread freshly baked, still hot in my hands and just bite into it. And there I realized how much more wonderful it was. I was all ready to eat it all up, this was just too delicious. After some weeks, it gets back to just a plain and common bread, it losts its magic somehow, but if you ever try to take it away from me again, then I will start feeling hunger and would crave for it.

J'avais tellement rêvé, imaginé, goûté dans mes pensées le VRAI pain tel que nous le faisons en France. Car c’est l’accompagnement habituel de chacun de nos repas. En Asie, c’est le riz. J'avais le mal du pays rien qu'à cause du pain. C'est avec ce genre de détails que je me rends compte que je suis vraiment française. Lorsque nous sommes revenus vivre en France est venu le moment sacré: le pain sorti tout frais de la boulangerie, chaud, moelleux mais ferme, ah quel délice rien que de le contempler. Sans plus attendre, je l'enfourne dans ma bouche, et... alors là, ALORS LA, c'etait encore meilleur que je ne l'avais imaginé même dans mes souvenirs les plus fous!!!!!ah mon Dieu,retenez-moi pour ne pas dévorer tout ce pain. Et bien, je ne peux pas, je le mange avec toujours autant d' émerveillement et de salive! Après quelques temps, on s’habitue et le pain redevient banal, mais enlevez moi mon pain un peu trop longtemps et je crierai famine.


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Anca a dit…

Dear Alex,
Your bread story made me think of the many forms of longing one experiences when living in a country different from the one in which one grew up. I lived nine years in the USA, and could never get used with the crustless bread that is common there. With time, other symptoms of longing appeared. For example, I found myself spending hours on Sunday afternoons watching cooking shows on PBS (the public TV channel). And I don't watch much TV! And rarely cook! It was probably my way of missing the aunt whom I loved watching cook and make bread when I was a child.
Bread as longing. Someone should write a poem about this, or share it if they know it's already been written.

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