vendredi 29 août 2008

vacances d'été 夏休み Summer holiday

Et voilà que les vacances s'achèvent en France pour les plus jeunes. Au Japon, dans la préfecture de Nagano, elles sont achevées depuis plus d'une semaine maintenant.

D'abord, les enfants en maternelle ont eu comme d'habitude 4 jours, du 14 au 17 août. Et encore, depuis 2 ans la maternelle ou va ma fille offre un service optionnel, sans suppléments, de garder les enfants pendant ces 4 jours de vacances si les parents travaillent.
Ensuite, les primaires ont eu presque 3 semaines de vacances. Cette année 2008, elles étaient du 30 juillet au 19 août . Et avec ça une tonne de devoirs (à mes yeux). Du côté de Tokyo et d'autres régions, les enfants ont une semaine voir 2 semaines de plus. (Nous habitons dans la région la plus studieuse!Ha! Ha! Ha!)
Et puis pour les collégiens et lycéens, cela ressemble pas mal aux primaires, mais avec 1 semaine supplémentaire.
Quand aux étudiants cela dépend de l'université oû ils vont. Par exemple, celle ou je travaille, c'est une université à cycle court, sur 2 ans, et cette année les vacances sont un peu plus courtes: du 5 août au 17 septembre. Mais nous avons tout de même plus d'un mois.


September, the end of summer holiday in many countries, though in Japan they've been over for for two weeks now.

First of all, kids in preschool have the shortest holidays. This year there were from August 14th to the 17th, a four days summer holiday! They also have an additional week at the end of July and beginning of August, but parents who work can easily ask for a KIBOpreschool, as KIBO means basically"wish" , here "wished" preschool for parents who work and don't have anybody to look after their kids. The new thing this year is that for the 4 days holidays during August, which are called Obon', you could use that system, too!
Second, in primary school they almost have 3 weeks off, with a ton of homework (more than what I used to get during my 2 months summer holidays when I was myself a kid.). But it seems that in Nagano prefecture they are the shortest. So we must live in the most studious region!
Next junior high school and high school summer holiday is about the same as for the primary school, except they have about 1 week more.
Then, for universities and college, it just depends on their own rules. So for example, the college where I teach have its holidays from August 5th to September 17th, more than a month. But I really think you need at least a month to feel that you've been on holiday!

How about you?

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Sal a dit…

Won't you please translate this into English? I've been waiting so long to read something new on your blog...and I'm out of luck with only French...

Sorry to be "wagamama."

Sal, in Japan

Marie Carré a dit…

yes, sorry to give you only French to read, I was out of time. But we are really glad to hear that you've been waiting to read something on our blog.
I'll grant your wish.

Sal a dit…

In Inuyama, Aichi, elementary school goes on holiday soon after Marine Day (July 21st this year) and began again Sept. 1st. So the kids had a good five weeks off. I didn't realize it was different, according to area. Maybe you get a shorter holiday in Nagano due to the more severe winters, and inevitable snow days off during winter months...? Anyway, I appreciate the English version. Merci beaucoup!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Et c'est vraiment different en France, et dans chaque pays. In France and Europe, it is very different too.

Marie Carré a dit…

Woaw! 5 weeks in Aichi... I'd better not say that to my daughter, she would be so envious!
But in Nagano prefecture, it is true that it is because of the winter and harvest seasons. In old times,kids used to have a longer vacation in winter,but it's not true anymore.
Thank you Sal.

Dans la région d'Aichi, les écoliers semblent plus chanceux, et leurs vacances commencent souvent avec le jour Marin, lequel cette année était le 21 juillet, et se terminent en général le 1er septembre. Merci à SAL.