lundi 24 août 2009

Ampoule 肉刺(まめ) Blister

I've started to practice TAIKO at the beginning of November 2007 with my family. And as the result of mytraining,I got a blister. The first picture show that first one. Now, I can tell it was not a big a deal, same it was painful at that time. Your hands need to get used to hold the stick, called 'Ba-ji' in Japanese.
Anyway, now, I can see it was nothing. In those last weeks, my daughters' hands are sometimes almost bleeding, because of her harder training than me!
But, we definitely enjoy Wadaiko, a good way to free yourself of stress.

You can see the Japanese drums sticks on the picture below and if you want to see from which site they are, click and have a look.



Au début quand j'ai commencé le Taïko ou Wadaïko, en novembre 2007, avec ma famille, j'ai très vite eu des ampoules. Elles étaient (et sont encore parfois) dues au frottement des baguettes et de la pression que les doigts doivent exprimer. À ce moment-là, j'étais impressionnée, mais maintenant, je découvre qu'il y a pire! Ma fille aînée tape finalement de tout son coeur sur le tambour, et se retrouve parfois sans peau ou encore à sang.
Mais nous prenons tout de même beaucoup de plaisir à faire du Taïko, un bon moyen d'évacuer le stress!

Photo de baguettes de tambour japonais qui sont assez larges. Et si vous voulez voir de quel site j'ai pris la photo, cliquez mais tout est en japonais!

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Alex a dit…

je ne pensais pas que cela pouvait etre si intense!

Sal a dit…

I am late in reading this entry. Your hands have callouses by now, that is, if you kept this up.

I have often wanted to learn the taiko. It seems very strenuous, yet empowering. I'm afraid I am too old to take it up at this point, but I admire you for giving it a try with your daughter!

By the way, did you drop my blog as a follower? I posted on it today and was shocked to see I lost all three of my followers. Marie, come back! ;-)

Rachel a dit…

Bonsoir ladies

Your blog is on AFWJ's blogroll, do I have your permission to add it to a list for the next journal. I'd really appreciate it if you could drop me a line at telling me about your blog or your experiences blogging

Meanwhile, since these are my three languages, I'm gonna add you to my blogroll for some daily FUN study!

Marie Carré a dit…

There's no age limit for Japanese drum. In another team, I've seen very old ladies about 80 year old, ths sound wasn't very powerful, but their happy face while performing just gives you so much energy and make you love life more.

In our team, one person is in his 60 year old... so you see, no limit.

Sorry Sal for not reading enough your blog.

Rachel or anyone else, feel free to make a link to our blog if you feel the need. But it's very nice to ask us first.