mercredi 7 novembre 2007

Reverse Culture Shock- part 3

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After spending a few years in Japan and having lived in a completely different culture from my Western one, I had to change myself and become someone else so that I would have an easier everyday life.
In the end, you don’t know who you are anymore: you are not the same person as the one in your own country. This is when the reverse culture shock takes shape, while you are back in France. You have a new perspective on your own country, on your own education, on your own culture. You see yourself with a fresh eye. And you realise that you are now someone who is shocked by or is surprised by:
At work about :
• Quickly having responsibilities at the office
• The “right” not to do any overtime
• The possibility of leaving “on time” from the office
• Being only 2 in the same office
• the « RTT » (compensation for extra hours worked)

(more to come later)

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